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All Gatherings are postponed until we have a decent number of clan members for WindClan, ShadowClan, ThunderClan, and RiverClan.


 ~Slave Kingdom~

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Welcome to slave kingdom!

She-cats beware! Once here, there is no escape.
She-cats are kept in cages all around the kingdom, and are traded, sold, and bidded for. Every she-cat has a master, and the ones who don't are kept in a smaller dungeon until they are claimed. Females are mated with by their master or any rank higher than their master. The kits and females can be sold for prey, herbs, and other cats, along with..well anything really.

There is a market place in the center of the kingdom where stalls and cages where Slaves and Other things are sold.


King: Leader of all the cats, may have any and every slave they want.

Prince: Second in command, may have any slave and every slave.

Healer: They heal the toms and sometimes she-cats if their master ask him too. May have, trade, sell, and bid off their she-cats and kits like every other tom, healers may ONLY be toms.

Master: May have, trade, sell, and bid off their she-cats and kits or lend them to friends.

Positions still left:

King: Open

Prince: open

Healer: Open

Slaves: unlimited

Masters: unlimited










Name: Raccoon

Age: 14

Beautiful slim Light grey long furred cat with white speckles, Black paws, ear tips, and tail tip. A orange mask-like patch of fur covers her eyes like a raccoon.

Gender: Female

Rank: Slave
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~Slave Kingdom~
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